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When you donate a brick, you are helping to provide a
circle-of-care for patients and their families facing a health crisis.

Help us provide care and support services to those who need it most.

Wishlist Centre will offer a unique facility delivering affordable accommodation and crucial support services for patients while they receive ongoing treatment or are transitioning to and from hospital, as well as their families.

We know being close to a local hospital or having a loved one close during or after a medical crisis is critical to enhancing a patient’s wellbeing.

From accommodation for patients and families, to cancer support services, youth mental health programs and more - Wishlist Centre will be Australia's first facility to offer patient accommodation, primary healthcare and complementary therapies under one roof. 

Be part of the legacy!

Gratitude Message

Ed & Suzanne Bratovic

Roberta Cunningham

Sending love, strength peace and happiness to all

Samantha Thompson

Neville Samuel Thompson

Irena Humphrey

L.d Reaves

Paul Austin

Robyn & Keith Ditton

Samantha Birkbeck

James Lockett

Margaret Bishop

Allison Johnston

Jennifer Medina

Karyn Hiron

Christina Downs

Ilona Susan Culff

Carol Reid

Christina Boesten

Ivan Maltman

Chantelle Mcmillan

Frank Perina

John Gallagher

Judith M. Edwards

Cheryl Scott

Val Wall

Maxine Stewart

Mullins-mcdermott Family

Amanda Austin

We are Stronger Together

Phil And Carole Harris

With Love and a warm embrace.

Helen Woolls

Great work Wishlist

Leanne Mcivor

Renee Walsh

Angela Stratton

Thank you to all the amazing Doctor’s and Nurses who care unconditionally for all patients

Lisa Chen

Fiona Rickards


Carolyn Mcnally

Mary-anne Mather

Susan Richards

Thanks for your invaluable support throughout challenging health journeys.

Ellise Schwarz

Les Pontin

Great project

Brad Jones

Love from the Jones Family

Sharon Thomasson

In Loving Memory of Ann Thomasson

Sheryl Bonsall

Paul Joppich

In Honour of Cathy Styles-Joppich

Vaughan, Sammy, Donovan And Christian Bruton

Neal Freeman

Congrats on the new centre

Todd Wynyard

Hannah Black

I’m grateful for my dogs- they are the best therapy if you’re feeling down.

Tanya Aspinall

Sending healing hugs and prayers from the Aspinall Family

William Johnston

Thank you for everything you do to support the child health. As frequent flyers with our daughter we see the difference it makes.

Lou Jaeger

Thank you to all nursing staff.

Sue Sara

Thank you for all that you do for Sunshine Coast families needing health and hospital services.

Martin Turner

Shannon Ezard

sending positive vibes, love Shannon, Tilly and Isla

Katie Evans

Ann Evans

Such a wonderful initiative

Janine Clive

In memory of Julie ❤

Jackie Swan

Staying positive does not mean that things will be ok, rather it is knowing that I will be ok now matter how things turn out. From Jacqs and Jordynne.

Evan, Shari, Declan & Taeha Herbert

The Wishlist centre will provide much needed accommodation and support for families as they face some of the most challenging times in their lives. A very worthwhile organisation to support

Lyn Davidson

Love, hugs and best wishes 💕

Peter Humphreys

The Humphreys Family (Peter, Bryton, Chelsea, Jim, Bev)

Cynthia Harris

The Wheatley’s

Wishlist Centre will be life changing for many of us in the Sunshine Coast community. We are proud to be a part of the legacy x

Michael, Emma, Anastasia & Dominic Winter

Israel Micozzi

Hi, stay healthy and strong.

Jenny Mccafferty

Kylie Dickenson

Vanderberg Roy

So pleased to be able to support this great cause. The vanderberg family

Dale Trickett

Keep up the great work Wishlist

Samantha Ayres

Thank you for everything you do Wishlight. To have a place to rest and recoup for families means so much 🙏

Sue Ballard

Tracy Armitage

Such a great cause. Wishlist does an amazing job for sick kids on the Sunshine Coast.

Tahlia Gates

We hope Wishlist Centre makes your journey a little easier and more comfortable. With love Tahlia Gates and Robert Studdock

Darren & Sandy Alps

Stay Happy!

Gina Uhlmann

A big thank you to the wonderful Wishlist team for all you do for the community. Also for your kindness, warmth and support shown while providing a comfortable, safe lovely home away from home for myself and family to stay during my father's recovery. You make the world a brighter place:)

Frances Lin

Thanks to the patients and families who use the health service. You inspire us (health professionals) to do better every day.

Joanne Cramatte

Courage and believe !

Paula Gagen

Juliet Stokes

Sending love and hugs 💕

Cassandra Jackson

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to The Wishlist Foundation. With the invaluable support of Wishlist, I established and led a highly successful Music Therapy service within Paediatrics between 2012 & 2022. During this 10-year period the Music Therapy service supported 100’s of children undergoing challenging oncology and medical procedures and supported their emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and psychological needs through musical and creative interventions. Thank you Wishlist! Cassandra Jackson

Robyn Mccluskey

Brighter days ahead🌼 Stay strong

Sharon Green

Be Happy Sylvia Kyte 😃

Reg Leis

In memory of Jeanette Leis

Del Pashby

My family appreciates the work Wishlist do and so many will benefit from this building for years to come. Adele Courtnee Aria Rhys Tara Carter Storm

Lisa Wilson

We all can make a difference, together we make change. We hope Wishlist Centre brings you peace, healing and the support you need. Love Lisa, Scott, Taj, Mali Wilson & Zac Robbie xx

Tanya O'grady

"For all to enjoy"

Tracey Cook

India Clark-herbert

This is for my mum and all the motherless daughters out there. Forever grateful for these incredible women in our lives.

Lisa Aitken

John Craig

Judy Steere

Jane Hart-davies

Bernadette Maher

May you feel at peace here

Trish Taylor

Maryanne Keatley

Life is short, enjoy it while you can. Thankyou for the many things Wishlist does on the Sunny Coast.

Bev And Nev Mclachlan

In time of need no others care

Miranda Franklin

Roshen Joy Sabater

Always remember you are stronger than you seem.

Kriquet Thompson

From the warmth my pop received during his cancer treatment, to the love and care my nephew received coming into this world, and every single moment in between, the world is certainly a better place because of the team at Wishlist.

Christine Walker

Jen Wyatt

Inge Graae

For my Great Grandchildren

Katie Macdivitt

Tracey Ellaway

Love you Zany Mant.

Keith White

KT Tipper Hire helping where I can.

Tina White

To make even a little difference. Tina White

Sean, Nicole & Cayley Slevin

Hayley Plowright

With love from Charley and George Toft ❤️

Natalie & Garry Dan

Lynette Beecroft

music is a great healer

Michelle Sams

Susan Torr

Thinking of you mum xxx

Amie Aquilina

Inspired by a beautiful Dawn

Peter Attard

Thanks Sunshine Coast Wishlist Jett & Ivy Attard 2020.

Kerri Cavanagh

With love from the Cavanagh Family - Danny, Kerri, Zoe and Lukas

Chris Roberts

Sarah Bajan

Jeanette & Robert Patten

Never give up ❤

Scott Harrison

Thank you Wishlist!

Amy Organ

Organ Family 2022

Joshua Bailey

When you smile you light up the room :-)

Tracie Bailey

You Matter :-)

Yoke Lin Fung

Growing stronger

Belinda Bull

Wishing those who stay strength and peace

Kristine Cox

Sarah Kingscote

Rebecca Donkin

Nicole Amos

Life's tough, you're tougher. Lots of love, Ben, Nic, Ellie & Skye Amos

Sofia Arriagada

Ten fe que todo saldra bien!

Rafael Arriagada

Have faith and stay strong.

Michelle Fitz-gerald

Every day is a brand new day :-)

Carolyn Hamilton

One step at a time...

Andrea Winters

Sending love, Andrea

Beverley-jane Foox

May all your wishes come true.

Allieca Paterson

Brendan Paterson

Sharyn Benton

Be kind to yourself and others

Patricia Pidgeon

Caro Watts

Peace and hugs Caro and Jason Watts

Susanne Geraghty

A brick donation each of my 4 children

Jane Maher

May you find space to breathe on this step of your journey

Katrina Curley

Love your work Wishlist - well done!

Leonie Dennison

Vicki Stewart

My donation is a pay it forward for the wonderful support and care I received and am still receiving from SCUH during my cancer journey. I hope this helps in some way xo

Katie Pretty

Music is good for your soul, happy to support this

Lauren Milne

Kaylee Holdsworth

Thank You

Lisa Mccue

In appreciation for the wonderful and tireless treatment our husband/dad/papa received in 2022. We are forever grateful. The McCue Family

Barbara Webb

Please use these two names: Barbara Webb David Sipek

Jenny Walters

Margaret Macdonnell

May God Bless you all

Greg Windsor

Supporting families in need

Julie Simpson

Thank you Wishlist for caring for families when they need it most

Kath And Ross Grindall

For those who have gone before us, we remember you with great love and miss you.

Bernadette Mcnamara

Daniel McNamara

Beverley Marshall

The gift of giving

Leanne Critchley

We love you Our babies love you Leanne Neonatal Unit SCUH

Mary Theodosiou

Wishing you many blessings, strength, hope and sunshine.

Nicky Orchard

Ryan Moes

Corinna Schimak

Love your work Wishlist 💙

Vanessa Moloney

Nessi Moloney

Victoria Laird

Thank you wish list for caring for families when they need it most

Julie Cameron

Blessings 🙏

Alison Warweg & Andrew Buchan

Jenn Hopper

Carly Turner

All the Love.

Todd Clarke

Nick Harrison

Yogart Nidra Sunshine Coast

Thank you WishList for all that you have done and continue to do. Yoga Nidrā Sunshine Coast (YogArt). Anna.

Elspeth Martion

Oscar Martion

Benoni Henderson

With Love

William Thompson

Brian Seccombe

For the cause and those in need I can help.

Kerry Lake

In loving memory of Geoffrey Alexander Lake 27/12/1957 - 12/05/2022

Amanda Morrell

Wishing you Well! The Morrell Family

Megan Friend

The work of Wishlist is appreciated by so many. Thank you.

Catherine Tucker

In loving memory of Brayden Owen Berriman Tucker. x

Catherine Tucker

With love from Adeline Tucker. x

Crystelle Anderson

Thank you to Wishlist for all you have done, and all you continue to do. Love, Crystelle and Mackenzie Anderson

Sarah Mcmillan

Do or do not. There is no try. DJ Fish and Friends

Sarah Mcmillan

Love and a big hug from the McMillan Family

Christine Kavanagh

In Loving Memory of Tony Kavanagh Forever Grateful Forever in our hearts The Kavanagh Family

Craig And Sandra Jackson

Jaimie Watson

Thank you Wishlist!

Brendan Hogan

The generosity of the Sunshine Coast community regularly makes wishes come true

Sarah Donald

Thank you Wishlist for the wonderful work that your are doing in our community.

Fran Matlock

Susan Hodges

Del Pashby

Keep doing what you do. It’s appreciated by so many. Thank you.

Sonia And Eliot Griffiths

Sending love and best wishes to you and your family. Thankyou Wishlist for making this healing space a reality.

William Woodford

One small step for Wishlist, One Giant step for patient’s

Kate Jackson

Thank you for helping the lives of so many families

Ngaire Temoananui

Home away from home.

Bryan Chan

Thank you Wishlist for your endless work and amazing support for patients with cancer on the Sunshine Coast!

Marjan Prinsloo

For my mom, Geertje Klut

Joanne Becker

Live Long, Laugh Loud

Guy Godsall

Thank you Wishlist. Sending lots of well wishes to those who stay.

Callum Godsall

Thank you Wishlist. Sending lots of well wishes to those who stay.

Scarlett Godsall

Thank you Wishlist. Sending lots of well wishes to those who stay.

Eamon Godsall

Thank you Wishlist. Sending lots of well wishes to those who stay.

Tanya Kelly

Thank you Wishlist. Sending lots of well wishes to those who stay.

Clare Thomas

embracing our future generation

Sandy Anderson

Sending healing love and light to all those who stay in the Wishlist Centre

Trish Godden

Tina Torrens

Thinking of you. From the Torrens Family

Paul Charnley

Keep up the wonderful work Wishlist Sony and Paul .

Ronald Jones

Ray Franklin

Excellent support option for excellent hospital. Bravo!

Frances Doherty

I, thank you very much.

Juliette Watson

Love can conquer all.

Frances Doherty

Thank You.

Jo Madden

Big thank you to everyone who has made this wish come true

Diane Baynes

Troy Davey

Andrew Eves-brown

For our little angels both here and far - Hayley, Emma (possum sausage) and Hannah

Kyle W.a. Penhaligon

My little monthly virtuity,may support the list of wishes.

Robyn Humphreyes-reid

From Ross’s family - Robyn, Harry, Anouk, Aynsley, Cam - with our deep gratitude for the care the SCUH MND Clinic Team has provided for Ross during his battle against this insidious disease.

Kerri Chalvien

Thank you for all that you do!

Keith Bragg

Laticia Gibson

May love and wellness illuminate - much love from the Blue Clay team

Robyn Mcfarlane

In memory of both parents William and Gladys Davey

Kevin Mcfarlane

Kevin PSA @ SCUH

Kerrie Smith

In loving memory of Dorothy Bellizia love from Kerrie Mel Leslie Nic Wendy 💕💕

Dell Sutcliffe

With grateful thanks John & Dell Sutcliffe

Julie Oliver

In memory of my mum NORMA WEBBER (brick one) In memory of my sister SHARON JOHNSON (brick two)

Susan Hodges

David Hilder

Barry Kelsey

In loving memory of Lisa Jane Kelsey

Courtnee Waller

CGHT Photography supports Wishlist in memory of Tony Sullivan. My purpose is grounded in the importance of making memories and capturing emotion to transport you back to feelings and days that have passed. Wishlist House will make the days easier and ensure memories are made with family. Love and Light Aways, Courtnee - CGHT Photography

Shirley Holloway

With Gratitude from Shirley, Pat, Jacinta, Alexander, Douglas & Finley

Darryl Olson

Ceri Contessa

Contessa Family

Sandra Dolan

On behalf of Kate, David, Kim and Hugo

Craig Hooper

I am proud to support the fantastic work of Wishlist - Craig Hooper.

Jiordana Maltby

stay strong

Lenore & Mark Simpson

Alex & Iris Mccowan

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

Murdo & Marianne Macdonald

Thanks for being there for Regional Rural families

Peter Mclellan

Thanks for all your help.

Michael Bice

To a very worthy cause

Letisha Goodrich

Thanks you all from the bottom of my heart. forever grateful. Goodrich family

Kristin Dowdle

Michaela Congoo

We appreciate all the support our family received when we needed it most.

Shaz Randall

In loving memory of Brian and Dora Hall

Lyn Hourn

Keep up the great work Wishlist

Charlotte Wilson

For Kym, who always brought Joy For Mum, who always brought kindness

Gail Bath

In memory of my Mum, Evelyn

Pia Harrison

My brother Kent Farbach and I stayed at a Wishlist facility and appreciated the beautiful accommodation very much while our mum was in Palliative care at the SCUH.

Helen Hearn

In loving memory of my husband Mike ❤️❤️❤️

Kathryn Wilkinson

Thank you Wishlist for the support and kindness shown to the lovely Bayliss family 🙏🏻. Welcome beautiful Evan and Ethan ⭐️💫⭐️💫🙏🏻

Richelle Hawtin

In loving memory of my Dad, Barry Waddington, who faced life's challenges courageously and never failed to show kindness.

Lauren Smith

Thank you Wishlist for all that you've done and all that you continue to do for your community.

Collin Allott

Michele Proeger

Love your work Wishlist from Michele, Perry and Cody Proeger

Shane Wall

Love supporting Wishlist and the local community love Shane, Cath, Ethan, Hannah and Megan Wall

Raewyn Mitchell

Donna Mckenna

Dr Ian Young & Dr Jim Mcgown

Wishing you a pleasant stay and a speedy recovery for your loved one.

Lisa Ryals

Marie Ryals miss you Mum

Evelyn Kerr

In loving memory of my younger brother Warwick (Bob) Pridham.

Dot Ashford

Robert Mccarthy

In loving memory of John Thornton McCarthy

Camilla Broderick

For my family here and overseas

Glenn Woods

With love from Glenn, Shandelle, Georgia , Ollie and Biscuit Woods

Trevor Huon

Charlotte Wilson

One Brick for Kym, who always brought Joy One brick for Mum, who always brought kindness

Emma Hardy

For my daughter, Willow Hardy.

Cheryl Jeynes

Sent with love

Vi And Steve Kenny

Tony Schleusener

Thank You for giving some amazing help to families.

John Leach

I'm incredibly grateful for you always being by my side, being my "Ying" & for my daily cup of tea in bed. Thankyou! KD xx

Sue Blakeney

In loving memory of all the cancer patients

Jill Nicholson

Helping to make the dream happen

Tanja Mann

Kirsty Farrow

Lots of love to you all

Coolum Classic Inc

Mercure Kawana Waters Donation Box

Adrian Guest

Caloundra Music Festival Guitar Raffle

Wishlist Spring Carnival

Pelican Waters Pharmacy Donation Box

Karen Wade

Trent Wakerley

Thanks Wishlist for the wonderful work you do for our Sunshine Coast community, from the team at Kruger Law - Trent, John, Cec, Peta, Davina, Larni, Jenny, Seamus, Julie, Tarryn, Ella, Marissa and Tayla

Yoga Nrg Community Tammy Williams

Wishing patients & families wellness, peace & happiness. Namaste Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia Tammy & Doug Williams & The NRG Comminity Alysha, Ame, Barry, Brett, Barb, Carol, Catherine, Diane, Fiona, Frances, Franki, Gayle, Hummy, Jan, Jane, Jess, Jessica, Jody, Karen,Kat, Katherine,Katie, Katrina, Katy, Lisa, Mark, Mary Ann, Maureen, Mel, Michele, Nicole, Ruth, Sara, Shelley, Tara, Tilly, Vicki, Yvette

Kevin & Judy Hegarty

Keep up your amazing work Wishlist - doing great things for the community!

Ruth Power

Sharon Taylor

I am grateful for your good work.

Noelene Shadforth

John Dewar

Nelson Bolton

Peter Parsons-young

For our future

Kelly Wotherspoon

Julie Kradolfer

John Pyke

Belinda Bull

Thank you for supporting mental health services

Kathryn Thompson

Be the reason someone smiles today.

Mcgrath Real Estate Agency Caloundra

Sclma Gala Dinner

Pinnell's Gourmet Meats Donation Box

Interact Club Of Nambour State College

Maleny Long Lunch

Scuh Donation Boxes

Anonymous Supporter

Iga Mooloolaba

Rotary Club Of Nambour

Wishlist Fun Run

Lesley Taylor


Peter Knowles

good luck

Peter Knowles

good luck

Brian & Heather Coyle

Rod And Diane Barton

Robyn Tait

In memory of our member Barb

Maaike Mills

Love the strength of a brick for the strength of Australian support for our sick kids

Del Pashby

Grateful for the support given to my loving partner Tony Sullivan who has now sadly passed. Forever in our hearts ♥️

Marie Lewis

Don Maltmann

Alison Stockel

Claire Mellick

Anonymous Supporter

Rosita Ann Banik

B Whitfield

Courtnee Waller

Ross Muirhead

Palmwoods Hotel

Vic Pearce

Kawana Senior Citizens Inc

Shawn E

Add one more brick to the page 🧱

Chris Mckillop

Congratulations to Wishlist on this tremendous project, benefiting families across the Sunshine Coast. Herron Todd White are proud to support Wishlist, who continuing to support the Sunshine Coast community with these well needed projects.

Shawn E

Add one more brick 😁

Ian & Alanna Mcdowell

Ailsa Mckitterick-gillett

In memory of an inspiring Nursing Leader Marilyn who not only supported nurses nationally but internationally as well.

Rod & Lorelle Tunstall

Lisa Broad

In honour of my son Alexander, in support of Mental Health.

Corinna Schimak

Hope, love & peace ?

Mark Sierakowski

Keep the kindness going forever!

Fiona Simpson Mp

Wishing health, happiness and help within these walls

The Keegans

For you Sophie and Jordy. I hope you never need it, but how grateful we are that Wishlist Centre is on our doorstep.

Lyn Stack

Thank you for letting me stay here. I only wish I could have enjoyed it more, but with my yucky Prep I couldn’t but I will be back.

Dov Kornits

Amy Wilson

Thanks for all the amazing work you do!

Sandra Kemp

Hope my brick can help provide comfort in the new Wishlist house in Birtinya for those with family needing hospital care at SCUH. xx

Katie Filmer

Brendan, Jess & Mackenzie Hubble

Hopefully those who need this facility will find it a haven in times of need.

Belinda, Anthony, Layla & Leo Middleton

May everyone stay healthy, however if this facility is needed, May it ease your circumstances.

Linda Saunders

Margaret Laughton

Glen Taylor

Kerron Bromfield

Anonymous Supporter

Exemplar Health & Aware Super

Tarnya Von Blanckensee

Gareth Eyndhoven

Kristi Jaremus

Rachael Turton

Melissa Nicol

Jennifer Nichols

How lucky we are to have Wishlist and a caring community.

Alison Newman

Horse & Water

Sunshine Coast Challenge Golf

Wishlist Gympie Jazz & Wine Festival

Fran Fisher

Well done from the Fisher family!

Dulcie Barker

In loving memory of Lisa Rowe's beloved grandmother, Dulcie Barker. As a nurse, Narny would have been very supportive of Wishlist Centre and the work of Wishlist.

Elesha Bell

Thanks for all the work you do.

Suzanne Long

Annmarie Stower


Judy Austin

Dexter Stott

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

Eileen Kelly

Wonderful work

Louise Louise Gough

Louise Gough

Jane Todd

In memory of my granny, Laura Sands

Nicola Moran

Thank you for your work with critically ill children and their families. QIF Ningi hopes that this donation will help you towards the next level.

Robyn Davidson

Michelle Acworth

Be the reason someone smiles

Belinda Hansen

Onward and upward

Iliad Catamarans

Arb Caloundra

Horse & Water

William Bishop

Nathan & Tara Osborn

Betty Jenkins

Christine Garsden

Butler Mcdermott Lawyers

92.7 Mix Fm Give Me 5

Estate Of Allan Thomas Speechley

Adam Rauber

Paul Olds

What an awesome project!

Michael Bice

to a great cause

Chris Bellhouse

Joanne Cramatte

All the best with this amazing project ! From Jo & Jack from JoJozArtStudio

Kelly Gold

A House is made of Bricks and Beams. A home is made of Love and Dreams. From the Team at Gold Property Partners.

Debbie Salem

Wishing you all the best Debbie & Samia Salem

Jon Organ

Love the Organ’s

Sunshine Coast Daily -

We are thrilled to donate $10,000 to Wishlist for Wishlist Centre - From the Sunshine Coast Daily team.

Desmond Rauber

Lorraine Cumner

A Big Thank You

Ritchie Jarman

Lesley Russell

Jocelyn Walker

Best wishes from Walker family

Dale Forster

Charles Rignall

Michael Robbie

Karlene Morgan

We cant wait to see the progress!

Robyn Littlejohn

The Littlejohn Family Stephen, Robyn, Ali, Peter, Erin Toby and Coco 2021

Kristy Rayner

Ed & Suzanne Bratovic just donated 5 bricks Roberta Cunningham just donated 4 bricks Samantha Thompson just donated 2 bricks Irena Humphrey just donated 1 brick L.d Reaves just donated 12 bricks Paul Austin just donated 1 brick Robyn & Keith Ditton just donated 1 brick Samantha Birkbeck just donated 1 brick James Lockett just donated 1 brick Margaret Bishop just donated 2 bricks Allison Johnston just donated 1 brick Jennifer Medina just donated 1 brick Karyn Hiron just donated 1 brick Christina Downs just donated 4 bricks Ilona Susan Culff just donated 1 brick Carol Reid just donated 1 brick Christina Boesten just donated 1 brick Ivan Maltman just donated 5 bricks Chantelle Mcmillan just donated 1 brick Frank Perina just donated 1 brick