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When you donate a brick, you are helping to provide a
circle-of-care for patients and their families facing a health crisis.

Help us provide care and support services to those who need it most.

Wishlist Centre will offer a unique facility delivering affordable accommodation and crucial support services for patients while they receive ongoing treatment or are transitioning to and from hospital, as well as their families.

We know being close to a local hospital or having a loved one close during or after a medical crisis is critical to enhancing a patient’s wellbeing.

From accommodation for patients and families, to cancer support services, youth mental health programs and more - Wishlist Centre will be Australia's first facility to offer patient accommodation, primary healthcare and complementary therapies under one roof. 

Can you help us raise $2 million by 2022 to complete our most ambitious project? #letsget2it!

Gratitude Message

Louise Louise Gough

Louise Gough

Jane Todd

In memory of my granny, Laura Sands

Nicola Moran

Thank you for your work with critically ill children and their families. QIF Ningi hopes that this donation will help you towards the next level.

Robyn Davidson

Michelle Acworth

Be the reason someone smiles

Belinda Hansen

Onward and upward

Iliad Catamarans

Arb Caloundra

Horse & Water

William Bishop

Nathan & Tara Osborn

Betty Jenkins

Christine Garsden

Butler Mcdermott Lawyers

92.7 Mix Fm Give Me 5

Estate Of Allan Thomas Speechley

Ian & Alanna Mcdowell

Ian & Alanna Mcdowell

Adam Rauber

Paul Olds

What an awesome project!

Michael Bice

to a great cause

Chris Bellhouse

Joanne Cramatte

All the best with this amazing project ! From Jo & Jack from JoJozArtStudio

Kelly Gold

A House is made of Bricks and Beams. A home is made of Love and Dreams. From the Team at Gold Property Partners.

Debbie Salem

Wishing you all the best Debbie & Samia Salem

Jon Organ

Love the Organ’s

Sunshine Coast Daily -

We are thrilled to donate $10,000 to Wishlist for Wishlist Centre - From the Sunshine Coast Daily team.

Desmond Rauber

Lorraine Cumner

A Big Thank You

Ritchie Jarman

Lesley Russell

Jocelyn Walker

Best wishes from Walker family

Dale Forster

Charles Rignall

Michael Robbie

Karlene Morgan

We cant wait to see the progress!

Robyn Littlejohn

The Littlejohn Family Stephen, Robyn, Ali, Peter, Erin Toby and Coco 2021

Kristy Rayner

Louise Louise Gough just donated 18 bricks Louise Gough just donated 1 brick Jane Todd just donated 4 bricks Nicola Moran just donated 250 bricks Robyn Davidson just donated 2 bricks Michelle Acworth just donated 1 brick Belinda Hansen just donated 1 brick Iliad Catamarans just donated 110 bricks Arb Caloundra just donated 60 bricks Horse & Water just donated 3 bricks William Bishop just donated 10 bricks Nathan & Tara Osborn just donated 1250 bricks Betty Jenkins just donated 3 bricks Christine Garsden just donated 5 bricks Butler Mcdermott Lawyers just donated 1250 bricks 92.7 Mix Fm Give Me 5 just donated 15000 bricks Estate Of Allan Thomas Speechley just donated 18500 bricks Ian & Alanna Mcdowell just donated 500 bricks Ian & Alanna Mcdowell just donated 500 bricks Adam Rauber just donated 1 brick